Monday, August 01, 2005

Atmospherics & The Civil Airband

Whilst I definitely don't claim to be a radio expert, I do know from experience that atmospheric conditions can drastically increase reception from time to time. These atmospheric effects are most prominent on the short wave bands but can effect the civil VHF airband also. I understand there is some relation to sunspot activity which apparently runs in seven year cycles. Anyway enough of that, if your still reading, thanks for bearing with me! As far as I'm aware the UHF military band never experiences this but I have experienced it on the civil VHF band. The last occasion was probably over a year ago for me. At the time I was able to clearly here the controllers at: Gatwick (126.825) , Brize Norton (various) and Mildenhall tower on 122.55. Pretty amazing from my location in Leicester! I wonder if any of you readers have experienced this also?

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Dave F said...

I have just read your comments on atmospheric conditions last year sometime (one Sunday morning I recall), I experienced the same type of reception from Heathrow, and if fact could hear delivery and ground frequencies in Staffordshire. Well, a strange coincedence, because early this morning (3/10/05)I was receiving the same high clarity reception,but only down to tower frequencies. Could a contributing factor be associated with the QNH ? pretty high today 1031.My radio equipment is Signal R535 ,Yupiteru 7100 , and AR8600 Mk11 for VHF linked to a external discone and dedicated Airband antenna.