Wednesday, May 03, 2006

North East Airband Listener...

Carl has posted the following message:

Hi...I live in the North East uk (hartlepool)and always see High altiude aircrafts flying from East to West and West to east and these are normaly B747/777 plus many others and I would like to know the Frequencies of the Beacon Points from the East Coast hope someone out there can help us in this matter and I currently use a Icom RC10 Handheld.

Carl, I do know that Newcastle is a major intersection to the North and you are under the Montrose sector (Scottish ATCC) from FL255 to FL660. If anyone has some further detailed information for Carl please hit the 'comments' link at the bottom of this post, thanks. Mark.

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keith said...

hi carl.
not sure what you mean by beacon points but the area you are in is covered by london information on 125.475