Thursday, October 04, 2007

C-17 Aircraft Spotted!

Its a beautiful, almost completely clear morning (thursday 4th October) I am up and about at 7am watching southbound departures climbing out of East Midlands to the west of me (working WELIN on 130.925 then handed off to COWLY on 133.075) and I spot a military crosser just south of Leicester heading East on this occasion. A quick look with the binoculars confirms the unmistakable shape of a C-17 (possibly heading for Amsterdam??).
I immediately tune the scanner to CENTRAL SECTOR MILITARY on 252.875.
Surely enough after a few minutes he is given a new squawk ready for handoff to Eastern military, he is routing to 'NAVPI' - a reporting point some 57nm east of Norwich at the edge of UK airspace. After a few minutes he is handed to eastern military 277.775. I have seen these overflights just south of Leicester on a number of occasions, anybody with any further info on their departure and destination points please do let us know more about these overflights. Thanks all, Mark.

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