Tuesday, July 07, 2009

RAF Waddington - What did you think?

Just interested to hear from any of our readers that attended Waddington air show this year. I must admit I didn't even consider going as the display lineup, (with the exception of Vulcan XH558) didn't look very enticing to me at all.

Last year I did attend, and I thought the RAF role demo was a fantastic routine, but this years event looked much the same as last years but without the role demo and to be honest, I've seen all the RAF stuff before.

I guess I was just spoilt during the 1980's/1990's as airshows seemed to have lots of interesting fast and noisy jet participation from nations far and wide.

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Anonymous said...

Must agree with you there, possibly the worst show I have attended since I started going to Finningley and then later Waddington. Is the Air Force so streched that it could only muster one frontline fast jet (Typhoon), no Harrier, Tornado F3 and GR4, No Globemaster, Hercules or proper display from the Nimrod. No Tucano, Hawks from the Navy - limited Display. Long pauses between Displays. To cap it off the one reason I made the effort to attend - The Vulcan was grounded due to Paperwork issues. Previous years had a fair proportion of oversea types, F16's Migs, Dasualt, Saab, Phantoms etc.

In summary I feel the show should be canceled and then maybe the government may get the message that the Air Force has been pushed beyond its limit.

Anonymous said...

Yes I was listening to it on the radio, i head the Vulcan on the radio over the weekend, but it did not display due to paper work porbs

but that was on a MATZ channel i did not heair it on a Air show channel.

i was there a air show channel i do not know about

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon All

I know the show to be better but there was another air show some where on the sunday to, they where all there may be.

when it came to cottermore that was better.

Anonymous said...

I also have to say that I think the Waddington airshow was the worse yet. There is usually so much going on but this year there were a lot of periods of nothing happening. Also no mock attack on the airfield like other years. I don't usually have time to queue up and go inside the AWACS aircraft but I did this year and also the VC10. It was disappointing that the Vulcan didn't fly considering that there had been months to sort paperwork out. There seemed to be more people than ever at the show but I suspect there won't be so many next year

radio king said...

We must not forget they are doing a good job figthing a war for our safety over here.

they have more important thing to be doing on being at air shows

what you think