Saturday, September 03, 2011

Signal R535 VHF/UHF Aircraft Band Receiver

One of our readers recently asked where to get hold of one of these great airband radio scanners (besides Ebay!). I'm afraid I can't answer that question as Ebay would probably be about the only option now as they do come up for sale once in a while.

I have personally owned one of these on two different occasions now. The reception and sensitivity of this radio scanner for airband listening is well known, however, it is 20+ years old now and I honestly believe scanners such as the Yupiteru 7100 and my own current receiver, a Uniden Bearcat 3500XLT are very close if not equal to the performance of this radio.

The only limiting factor that caused me to sell mine was the fact that it had just 60 memory channels in a single memory bank. For me, this just isn't enough anymore. Do any of our readers still own this great radio? do you find 60 memory channels is enough? Please let us know.

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Carl ward said...

Hello Mark, yes up until 4 years ago i did have an R-535 i loved it until the speaker wire burnt out causing smoke come out of it and that i couldnt use it anymore, that was at Fairford of all places haha. It was my pride and joy the battery pack was brilliant it was just so easy to use and sounded great,and the single memory bank of 60 channels was more than enough for me. I dont know why thay cant build something like that nowadays would be awesome. I still so miss this radio and am looking on e-bay for another