Sunday, April 29, 2012

Airband Radio Choice!

Craig has contacted to say he blew the dust of his old WIN 108 airband radio recently but was looking for suggestions on a new scanner choice. Well, I'm a bit biased as I have a Uniden Bearcat 3500XLT and for the money, I think it's by far the best scanner right now, very fast scan and too many features to mention such as 'close call' (hunts down and intercepts nearby strong transmissions) AND, most importantly for me, very sensitive. I consider it as sensitive as the Signal R535 and Yupiteru MVT7100 - both of which I consider as 'benchmark' radios for sensitivity and performance on the airband in particular.

There are much more expensive scanners on the market but while they are full of features, the actual sensitivity and reception performance let them down and that's what counts at the end of the day isn't it?

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Ron said...

Are scanners only available online? Am about to get Bearcat 3500 for my 70th!! Never had scanner before and would have liked to buy with advice.........any ideas?