Friday, November 11, 2016

Yupiteru VT225 vs Uniden UBC125XLT

So, I've had an interesting few days with my Yupiteru VT225!
As soon as I got the VT225 'out of the box' I had forgotten how relatively small the LCD display is. I guess I've become very used to the nice big, bright display on my 125XLT!
After a relatively short period of time putting these radios side by side connected to my attic DIY dipole antenna (which incidentally, still performs better than any commercial product I've tried) what has become evident is that the VT225 was not pulling in any signals any better or stronger than my 125XLT! this was bit of a surprise, I really expected it to do better somehow.
With the radio connected to the attic antenna, it was pulling in all sorts of 'hash' and in fact, when trying to monitor Lakenheath approach which I regularly listen to on 309.200MHz, there was 3 signal bars of 'white noise' making it impractical to monitor. I also noticed on other frequencies where the background noise could easily be 'squelched out' I was getting the muffled breakthrough of strong local airways transmissions in places, something that I simply do not experience with the 125XLT. Don't get me wrong, the 125 is not perfect, there are a few odd frequencies that are susceptible to strong data transmission breakthrough in my location, but they are VERY FEW AND FAR BETWEEN. 
It's not all bad, I think the Yupiteru VT225 is a sensitive radio, but it is probably best used with a telescopic antenna attached directly to the radio itself and in the right position, is a very good receiver. Worth noting is that the audio quality on the VT225 is excellent and it has a very 'bass' quality sound to it. To get a similar quality of audio I have to attach a small usb charged speaker to the 125XLT. 
Interestingly, the scan rate quoted for the VT225 is 30 channels a second as opposed to 80 channels a second quoted for the 125XLT. When it comes to scanning airband and not wanting to miss the often, very short transmissions (particularly military) in my experience, SPEED IS EVERYTHING especially if you have several hundred frequencies stored in memory. 
All in all, I'm glad I took a trip down 'nostalgia lane' and it's made me appreciate what I have in the 125XLT - it is an excellent scanner for airband (and for the money) and the host of features and it's ability to reject unwanted signals have come along way since the Yupiteru scanner era of the 1990's. Do I sound like I'm on Unidens payroll? wish I was!
So what now for the Yupi? well it's already moved on to a new home! And my Uniden UBC125XLT is staying right here with me! 
What can I try next? fancy one of this little Icoms....

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