Monday, June 20, 2005

Waddington Air Show

I don't get around to attending many air shows but, I am hoping to get to Waddington air show this year on the 2nd & 3rd July. Just in case you didn't know, the frequencies I have for Waddington are as follows:

Approach: 312.5Mhz/127.35Mhz
Director: 300.575Mhz
Departures: 249.85Mhz
Tower: 370.125Mhz/

VHF Tower tends to be the NATO standard tower frequency of 122.1Mhz.

These tend to be the main frequencies. There are also squadron ops frequencies etc. if anybody wants these please let me know by posting here.

If you have any other information on Waddington, again, please post it here.


Militaryairshows said...

I have 388.225Mhz for the Tower, is it now 370.125Mhz or are both used?

Any idea if they will use these frequencies for the show or will they use a temporary air display frequency?

Looking forward to seeing the Hungarian MiG-29 display at Waddington.


NEMA_Fly_Boy said...


thanks for the Waddington Freqs. Will these be in use this year do we know, or are we likely to see standard display freqs. in place?? Also, do you have any Sqadron ops. frequencies, both discreet and display use for the show this year??

Thanks in advance!!