Monday, October 03, 2005

Re; Atmospherics

Dave F. has posted the following comment:
'I have just read your comments on atmospheric conditions last year sometime (one Sunday morning I recall), I experienced the same type of reception from Heathrow, and in fact could hear delivery and ground frequencies in Staffordshire. Well, a strange coincedence, because early this morning (3/10/05)I was receiving the same high clarity reception,but only down to tower frequencies. Could a contributing factor be associated with the QNH ? pretty high today 1031.My radio equipment is Signal R535 ,Yupiteru 7100 , and AR8600 Mk11 for VHF linked to a external discone and dedicated Airband antenna.'

Thanks for the info Dave, have not listened much myself today so haven't experienced todays conditions. Thanks for info on your set up. I wonder how you find the R535 next to the Yupi? personally I find very little difference in their sensitivity. I've never owned an AOR receiver so would be interested to know how this performs alongside your other radios. Please get back to me if you have time.

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