Tuesday, March 07, 2006

8.33KHz Frequencies - The Ongoing Story!

Dave has posted the following:

'Hi Mark. You are right about 132.86. There are in fact 2 new freqs for this sector. 132.12 replaces 131.05 (up to FL330) and 132.860 replaces 129.1 (FL330 up). The latter gets used at busy times but at quieter times (now rare!)it gets relayed through to 132.12. Had to get a new scanner with 8.33 step but it defaults to 132.862. Can hear planes but not controller. Don't pretend to understand the new steps but hoped a radio with 8.33 capability would solve this. Obviously not! Cheers'

Thanks for the confirmation on those Dave. Yes these 8.33KHz channels are strange especially when you consider that you can't use an adjacent frequency within a few hundred miles or so because you would here channels either side due to the nature of AM signals and the bandwidth that they use.

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