Monday, October 16, 2006

Airband Radio Advice

Chris has sent the following message:
'Hi Mark, could I ask your advice? My brother is a bit of an aviation nut, and loves attending various airshows when he gets the chance (as do I). For his birthday this year, I thought I'd get him a scanner, so he could listen to the air traffic control and pilot's radio comms. Do you or your readers have any recommendations on a cheap (about £40 to £50) 'my first scanner' for him?Thanks! Chris.'

Well Chris the radio that comes to mind in this price range (maybe a bit more) is the Maycom AR108. It is a good 'entry level' digital scanner offering full VHF airband coverage and tuning steps down to 5KHz which is sufficient for all the new airband channels and also offers about 99 memories I think. If your looking for a radio covering the UHF military band you may need to spend more. Hope this helps, and if any reader has a recommendation to offer please do post a message, thanks. Mark.

1 comment: said...

good choice is uniden bearcat 30xlt
around fifty pound.i recently bought one and find it excellent