Monday, January 22, 2007

The Uniden Debate!

Rob has posted the following comment:

"Sole 3500 importer? I wish! Any comments comparisons yet? I've kept my 330T, but then again my interests are not solely airband."

Seems like you have got yourself another 330T Rob! After having both scanners side by side for several days there is definately a marked improvement in sensitivity on the 3500XLT. I'll give you an example: I'm approx 15nm as the crow flies from East Midlands Airport, if I tuned to the ground frequency (121.9) with the 330T, I could only just pick up the ground controller with the squelch open. On the 3500XLT, the controller is loud and clear and coming through the squelch. Not only that but i am picking up some aircraft requesting pushback and start on the ramp! That's just one example, there are many others where the signal is stronger or a station previously not heard at all is now clearly audible. The example I gave has not been as good since I owned a Yupteru MVT7100 - generally considered to be extremely sensitive, so yes, a marked improvement over the 330T and worth the upgrade in my opinion.

Off topic now, I was listening to London Miliatry this afternoon on 252.875 and a an aircraft callsign: 'typhoon 1' came over the scanner, he seemed very loud and clear so I looked out my window and immediately saw his contrail at 36,000ft heading west, just north of Leicester across the normal flow of northbound commercial traffic, seems he was on his way to fly an approach at Valley then return to Coningsby at 40,000ft. Military 'crossers' are rare over Leicester but not unheard of, most traffic uses the 'Lichfield Corridor' further north over East Midland Airport. Occasionaly there are also c130's, royal flight aircraft and nimrods heading north in the normal commercial corridor northbound. Cheers for now, Mark.

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