Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Airband News

An Apache attack helicopter (possibly more than one) has been operating over Leicester for quite some time today. If anyone has some information on what they are doing I would be interested to know! Thanks, Mark.


calum said...

Hi Mark , i'm a regular reader of this blog and was wondering. I live in East Lothain , Scotland which is just east of edinburgh and i see loads of high flying aircraft most days , which frequency would they be on , i've done some research and i think they are either on the Tyne Sector Frequency or the East Coast Standby/High frequency.


Anonymous said...

High Level : East Coast 126.925
Mid Level : East Coast 124.500
Listen for handover frequencies after these and follow.

To the west look on 135.850/135.525

The E/W split is on a line roughly between Glasgow and Newcastle.

Low level look at :-126.300/124.825/134.775

John Melrose area