Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Best 'On Site' Scanner

Hi all, apologies for the delay in replying, I have been a bit busy with work of late. I have been asked by Pete Turner which might be the best 'on site radio' for use at airshows etc.

Well, my favorite at the moment is my little Icom IC-R2, its very robust and truly fits in your pocket. Connect a good earpiece and it's ideal. I know there is now an Icom IC-R5 (which I have owned), but there is very little difference between them (more memories & alpha tagging with the IC-R5). Because the IC-R2 has been superseded, you can get them quite cheap on ebay, I bought mine for about £70 and Im sure it was actually brand new! The only thing I would say is that, because there are very few buttons on these tiny scanners, it can be difficult at first to remember the key combinations needed to enter frequencies into memory etc. and you may find yourself constantly referring back to the manual to start with.

Br warned! the Icoms don't scan nearly as fast as scanners such as the Yupiteru MVT7100. I have measured it at about 10 channels per second (Yupi around 25 channels p/s) but how many frequencies do you scan particularly when your at an airfield anyway? maybe 20 or 30 at the most right? so, It shouldn't be a major problem.

I noted that you would like to listen in on your visits to Donna Nook range Pete, for your info the frequencies I have for Donna Nook are as follows:

Primary Hold: 340.15Mhz

Primary Join: 342.175Mhz


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