Tuesday, December 06, 2005

London FIS (Flight Information Service)

In case you weren't aware, there is a 'flight information service' for all aircraft operating outside of controlled airspace (in other words no mans land!). Depending on the aircrafts location, there are two frequencies used which are: 124.6 & 124.75 but most of the time these are 'bandboxed' together under one controller. It is important to understand this is not a radar service of any kind but is useful for pilots (I used it quite regularly when I was flying) to provide information on their flight and receive information on other possible conflicting flights and in addition, to obtain weather reports and regional pressure settings etc.

It can make very interesting listening at times. Also because the service is transmitted through various repeaters in order to cover the UK it is possible to listen to aircraft at low level even if they are 200 miles or more away!

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Caz said...

Hi there & Happy New Year! It's Caz back again! I spent a bit of time over the holiday period listening to the London FIS on 124.6 and i thought it was fascinating! Not only could i listen to people flying in Wales, Norfolk & The Cotswolds (not bad considering i live down near Brighton)and hearing all about various weather reports and planes being turned around as the airfields they were trying to get to were not open on New Years Day and the Bank Holiday Monday, but the controller chap was also telling one of the pilots he was talking to about the New Years party he was going to and that he wasn't looking forward to it! It is a great frequency to listen to for all sorts of reasons and can be very varied!!