Friday, December 23, 2005

Airband Radios - A Message From Peter

Peter has posted the following:

Hi, apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, I've been following this blog for a month or so now and love it, there isn't much information out there now adays.I was wondering if you could advise me on hardware?Currently, I am just outside of the centre of manchester and about 1 or 2 miles off the flight path for aircraft landing at manchester - (need to find out what wind conditions and runway it is for). However I currently use a rather old and trusted Win-108 VHF scanner, i scan through 10 frequencies (Tower x 2 // Approach // Ground x 2 - poor reception :( // 5 FL frequencies).Next year I will be moving about half a mile into a house (I currently live in University Halls) and would really love to get my hands on a new scanner, I was looking at buying a yupiteru mvt-7100 or 7300 scanner, would I see an increase with this if I use a better antenna rather than the "Rubber Duck" that I have with the 108? Also any recommendations on a type of indoor aerial that would be good? or would the standar telescopic antenna be fine?Thank you and sorry for the mass of questions :)

Thanks for the comments on the site Peter, I'm always grateful for some feedback. I remember owning a WIN 108 many years ago, they are a great receiver but definitely a little dated now and I would certainly find 10 memory channels very restrictive.

I was in fact thinking of perhaps selling some scanners myself at some point but I'm not ready for that yet. The Yupiteru is still my scanner of choice at the moment even though I have a Signal R535. The telescopic antenna that is supplied as standard with the Yupi will greatly improve your reception over the WIN 108's rubber duck. The rubber duck antenna's are really only of any use 'on site' at airshows etc. where reception range isn't an issue.

In terms of antenna I am restricted by what my other half will put up with in the bedroom! I currently simply have a length of coax connected to the Yupi's original antenna strategically positioned near the bedroom window where the reception is at it's best. Tip: (always experiment with antenna location if it has to be indoors as you will find a dramatic difference in reception conditions in different locations).

Obviously the 'best' arrangement is to get an antenna outdoors on the roof (something like a 'discone' antenna which provides good gain over a wide range of frequencies). In my old house I had just this arrangement but interestingly my reception is better now with the simple indoor setup simply because of the house location/elevation which is also another factor in the performance you will achieve.

I hope these comments help Peter, I am off to Yorkshire for a week now over the holiday period so I will not be posting till the new year, all my very best for a prosperous new year to all who read and contribute to this site. Mark.

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chris said...

Hi there.Just stumbled on this site and was wondering if anybody can help. I have just bought an airband radio(yupiteru MVT3300EU)and a discone antenna,what sort of stuff can I listen to and on what frequencies.I live in Solihull in the West Midlands and used to do this ages ago but I imagine that things have changed a bit since then.Thanks