Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Airband Radio

Chris Thomas posted the following:

'Thanks for the replies chaps! I've found the Maycom one available for £59, but also spotted a Bearcat UBC 105XLT for just ten pounds more, and it had far more buttons so must be better! ;) Does anyone have any arguments for or against these two? Would one be better over the other?'

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Jonathan Clough said...

My advice would be forget the Maycom.

Reception performance aside and unless things have changed since the last batch we received it has one major flaw in so much as when scanning it will remain on the frequency for the duration of the transmission or that set by the user in the "delay" setting. Not ideal really.

I'd suggest you go with something like the UBC-72XLT or for a little less money the UBC-30XLT. The latter lacks a conventional keypad and DC input.